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For women entrepreneurs, Own It Ventures provides a forum to start or grow an existing business by gaining access to the networks, business tools, resources, and professional connections women need to scale up their companies. Own It Ventures provides a business ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to be the trendsetters and innovators our country and the world needs.

According to the 2010 National Women’s Business Center Report, Launching Women Owned Businesses on to a High Growth Trajectory, “The challenge confronting the women’s entrepreneurship community today is to help women business owners do more than plan for business growth as usual. We need to dramatically transform women’s concepts of the future of their enterprises – to move them into a place where they have the vision and the confidence to catapult their businesses to a whole new level.

To do this, we have to show women how to embrace the break neck pace of change; to be trend-setters rather than simply reactors; to invest in what might be rather than what is; to innovate beyond expectations; and, to develop global integration. We need to help them identify ways to make their enterprises scalable and to build teams of talented people for where the enterprise should be in five years, not just today.

We need to build on initiatives already underway in many parts of the women’s entrepreneurship community to convert the experiences of women who have achieved high business growth into generalizable, practical learning programs that are available to every woman business owner aspiring to lead a flourishing enterprise of whatever size.

This is the next threshold for women-owned businesses – it is what will ensure that women achieve their full potential as business owners and that the U.S. economy fully benefits from these enterprising women leaders.

Join Own It Ventures for only $399/Yr and become a member of The community that addresses the barriers holding women entrepreneurs and business owners back.  Join us in supporting one another, to catapult our businesses and become the trendsetters and leaders the world needs.  This is not about lifestyle, this is about business.  (908)852-4200.  


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