Own It Venture's Entrepreneur Products of the Year Program

What is the Entrepreneur Products of the Year Program? 

The Entrepreneur Products of the Year (EPOY) Program offers women entrepreneurs and inventors an opportunity to gain recognition and credibility for their products.  It is a stamp of approval by independent judges, who are involved in the consumer product world, and by real consumers, retail buyers and the media.  The Emblem says, "This product demonstrates innovation, value, convenience and fills a need or void.  It is worth buying.  It is worth giving shelf space.  It is a winner!"  

Product submissions are due by October 25, 2013.

The Steps

 Products selected by the judges and move forward in the EPOY process

The EPOY Winners Receive


Consider the Facts & Trends

The U.S. Shoppers Survey conducted by TNS, the world's largest custom research agency, reports that “young consumers (under 35) are 33 percent more likely to try a product if it has won some kind of award. Additionally, younger consumers have more of a desire for new products.”

Own It Ventures’ Consumer Focus Group conducted in June, 2012 asked participants how likely they were to notice and then to buy a new product if the EPOY Emblem were on the package.  Every participant said the EPOY Emblem would definitely attract their attention, and 98% stated they try new products due to such identification. 

  The Entrepreneur Products of the Year Submission & Criteria Downloadable Form.


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