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OWN IT OMAHA! Heartland Business Community Shows Support for Women
by Own it Ventures at 2013-09-12 07:32:56

Women who start businesses often get stuck when it comes time to expand. OWN IT OMAHA!, a roadshow for the Midwest, is designed to reverse that trend. Set for Friday, September 27 at Mammel Hall on the University of Nebraska Omaha, College of Business campus, it is the brainchild of Omaha native and UNO alum Melissa Gasnick-Cloeter, who has spent much of her career working in sales and marketing, raising a family and then ultimately starting her own company, Own It Ventures.   Own It-Omaha! features topics that address the core issues women entrepreneurs and business owners must tackle to be successful; specifically, how to secure funding; how to attain a website designed for E-Commerce, growth and functionality; how to find markets and distribution lines for products or services; how to integrate Social Media and mobile apps in marketing strategies; and how to procure bids, secure contracts and be certified...


What we can learn from BarbieĀ® today
by Own it Ventures at 2013-06-17 12:04:03

Working with many entrepreneurs and inventors has meant researching the difference between successful and failed product lines.   One of the most successful product brands is Barbie®.   We can learn a great deal about Barbie's history- the importance of product planning, branding, line extensions, and add-on sales- to product line success. 1...


by Own it Ventures at 2013-04-15 07:00:01

Last weekend, I tried a winning product line- Ready Set Cupcake! owned by Leslie Kaplan and Carolyn Shulevitz, (The Piping Gourmets).   The product is pre-frozen and pre-mixed in a pastry bag.   Once thawed, the only preparation required is kneading the dough inside the bag, squeeze into your cupcake liners, and place in a pre-heated oven and voila, delicious cupcakes.   They even have pre-mixed and frozen frosting...


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Hitting the pavement
by Premise Martin at 2012-12-10 15:46:26

Today is the first of many that I have started going door to door of various nail salons introducing them to my new product. The responses have been overwhelming and inspiring.

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Is your Website Annoying Your Visitors?
by Joyce Beck at 2012-05-30 12:28:20

An article published in yesterday's E-Commerce Time's website gives us a sneak peak at a survey to be published next week.  Hostway, a Chicago-based Web site hosting service, surveyed 2,500 people and found that website owners had better listen to what visitors are saying about their user experience, or risk losing them forever.

"The results of this survey are a clear warning to e-businesses," Hostway Vice President of Marketing John Lee said. "The Internet has matured to the point where consumers demand an easy online experience. Quite simply, consumers are warning companies, 'you're going to lose my business if your Web site experience is annoying.'"

Among the features that visitors find most annoying are:

  • pop-up advertising (34.9 percent),
  • registration log-on pages (16.7 percent),
  • software installation (15.7 percent), and
  • slow-loading pages (9.1 percent).

This is another clear example that your website HAS to be designed for the visitor coming to your site.  Website owners need to put their ego aside here.  Provide them with the information they are looking with a trouble-free user experience and be rewarded with lots of happy, repeat visitors.

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The Virtuous Woman Parfum Story
by Kathy Hobbs at 2012-04-29 19:28:39

The Virtuous Woman perfume was developed to honor and celebrate the virtuous woman in my life; my mother Floree Watson.  My mom died of cervical cancer in 1993 at the age of 54. She was the embodiment of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31. She was beautiful, creative, industrious and a woman of integrity who loved her family and continually did for others; but most of all she loved God. My mom also loved beautiful scents. Whenever asked what gift she wanted, she would always say, “Just get me something to make me smell nice.” Even on her sickbed, when I would ask if I could get her something, she would still just say, “put something on me to make me smell nice.” And, this one simple request was my heartfelt beginnings of Virtuous Woman Parfum.

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What makes you look older than you really are?
by Yolanda at 2012-04-28 20:30:58

If you have to name one thing that makes you look older, what would that be?

Wrinkles, gray hair, sagging neck or dark circles?

Surprisingly, it is the dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles usually would indicate that you are not sleeping enough so you look a little run down and tired. Although that can be a major reason other factors such as:

1. Heredity
2. Illness or smoking/drinking(lack of oxygen)
3. Sinus problems, allergies(can create puffiness and dark hollows under the eyes)
4. Skin aging (thinning of the skin makes blood vessels more visible)

DIY dark circle treatment at home: peel very thin slice of raw and cold potato(keep it in the fridge) and aply 2 slices to each eye. Press gently the under eye area, turn over the slice and repeat one more time. This process should take no longer than 5 min to enjoy the amazing results!

Call Yolanda today and schedule a professional dark circle under eye treatment 201 301 0739

or visit Speranzi on you mobile device



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by Yolanda at 2012-04-28 20:21:52

DIY Facial Exercise Get's Rid Off This....

Get rid of folds and lines from your face with a daily 5 min home facial massage. Muscles will get back to shape as quickly as two weeks and then you can do the massage less frequently keeping in mind that in order to keep the muscles in good shape you need to exercise them at least twice a week.

They’re more than just laugh lines, it is simply sagging skin of the face and sagging cheeks. Flabby muscles make you body look older and the same applies to the face.

A fit body looks sexy, you stand taller and the skin has a smooth and it is glowing from the extra oxygen it receives during the exercise.

The look of aged skin and droopy muscles will affect your confidence and no matter how you wear your hair, or how much makeup you use you'll still show the sagg.

It takes just a few minutes a day before going to bed:

  1. Cleanse your skin.
  2. Place a few drops of honey and a dab of a moisturizer on tips of your fingers.  Rub it quickly until it gets heated in your hands.Apply the mixture of honey to the face. Make sure there is enough glide, if it is too sticky you can add milk or yogurt.
Start working with one side of the face. Place both hands at the jaw line and briskly lift the muscles in 3 sets of 10 strokes. Move to the other side and repeat. You may find hard to coordinate the hand movement but with practice you will figure out the best position that works for you.  Some clients reported to me that leaning forward as you are shaking the muscles is easier on the wrists.

For more information visit www.speranzi.com/diy

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