Pitch Your Business and/or Product

Registration and requirements for the Sharkette Tank and Product Pitch Tank are due prior to pitching. 

Information about the day and how to prepare:  Go to:  www.anymeeting.com/ownitventures


The Pre-Sharkette Tank - Two minutes to pitch to judges who select the 5 companies for the Sharkette Tank.  The Sharkette Tank is a room of Angel Investors,  Venture Capitalists & Lenders.

What you need to pre-submit before the Conference
1.  A two (2) minute Investor Video Clip or 10 Page Investor Pitch Deck
2.  A One-Page Executive Summary Document (600 words or less)
3.  Answer required questions upon registration
4.  Signed Release Form

http://www.anymeeting.com/ownitventures/ED51D884854A   for what to expect and how to prepare.

The Retail Buyer Room - Two minutes to pitch to retail buyers and experts.  Six products are selected to enter the Product Pitch Tank in front of National & Regional Retailers & Product Investors.

1.  Plan on bringing two (2) samples of product to the Conference. 
2.  Once you register, send your product collateral and
3.  One page overview of product features & benefits
4.  Answer the required questions
5.  Signed Release Form

What to expect and how to be prepared to pitch to the Retailers:  http://www.anymeeting.com/ownitventures/ED51D887854B
The Media Room - Two Minutes to pitch to Media Representatives, Writers, Newsreporters, Editors, & Bloggers:
1.  Submit a two (2) minute media pitch video clip OR
2.  Submit a one-page (600 words or less) press release and/or media pitch summary of your company and/or product (Word document).
3.  Fill out questionaire (This is a guide to help you)
4.  Signed Release Form.

The Advisory Board Room- 
Two minutes to pitch to advisors from law firms, accounting firms, banks, marketing consultants, business coaches & entrepreneurial resource like the SBDC, SCORE, SBA and others.  Pitch a business issue or practice any pitches and get feedback.

Ticket Options:  All non-member tickets include a one year membership to Own It Ventures.

  • FastTrackers- $699 {For those who have growth plans, investor 10-page minimum deck, executive summary, and products ready for expanded distribution.  FastTrackers are the first round draft picks for the pitching timeslots and will have no wait during registration}. SOLD OUT
  • Premium Members of Own It Ventures- FastTracker Ticket $249  SOLD OUT                                                  
  • Regular Pitch Ticket- Want to try to pitch, (based upon time slot availability).  $499
  • General Admission- $399
  • Network Only- NO Lunch $99
  • 1/2 Day Afternoon Only- $79


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