Why Sponsor the Own It Ventures Conference & Pitching Expo? 

Network among the most influential business connections and consumers.  Our community includes leading women (and men) in the angel investor and venture capital worlds, entrepreneurs, finance & wealth management experts, marketing consultants, government, law, academics, media, retail, and more

DID YOU KNOW... When women learn a company supports women entrepreneurs and business owners, they are more likely to buy from that company or hire your services? Did you also know that most women feel like advertisers do not really understand them?
Branding, Buzz, Awareness and More…If you don’t come to the table to reach the most important consumer market (women), we are not coming to you...
  • Media Buzz & Consumer Awareness
  • New Customers and Clients
  • Locate New and Innovative Products that are Voted by a Female Consumer Focus Group, “Yes, We Would Buy This!” (Saves Time & Money)
  • Meet the Up & Coming Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Branding & Marketing for the Long-Term
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Innovative, New & Creative Ways to Connect with the Most Influential & Powerful Consumer Group- Women Decision Makers
  • Business Connections
  • Opportunity to have one of your own new products tested and voted on by women entrepreneurs.
The Offer:  Sponsoring the Own It Ventures Conference means your dollars are at work supporting the only busienss network for women entrepreneurs that emphasizes and provides funding options for growth, media buzz, retail distribution and an Advisory Board.  Sponsoring organizations are a part of every step.  What are you waiting for?  It’s time!  For if not now, when?
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